Dockers® Alpha Khaki, Slim Tapered - Midnight

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Distinctive, progressive and stylish, the Alpha defines a new generation of khakis for the next generation of men.
  • 100% Cotton, Machine washable
  • Slim Fit with tapered leg, Slim through seat and thigh, Sits slightly below the waist
  • Zip fly and button closure
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Dockers® Alpha Khaki - Midnight 4.4 5 393 481
Great slim fit I am a pretty athletic guy which makes it hard to find slim fitting jeans that fit without have to go up 2-4 sizes in the waist. I only went up one size and they are great. August 2, 2012
Handsome Khakis These are handsome khakis of durable smooth cotton. The slim tapered cut of these pants are for men who are in good physical shape because the slim tapered cut will call attention to your physique. People are telling me that these pants are tailored made for my body. I am getting compliments from women and even some men about how well these pants look on me. I love the new shade of British Khaki but I hope to find other colours in my size for the Fall season. I own five pairs of Alpha Khakis. I know that if you buy one pair you will pleased enough to buy more pairs. Dockers you have a loyal customer in me for Alpha Khakis. July 20, 2012
Best fitting pants ever I am a stylish man that stands a pedestrian 5'5". It's extremely hard to find pants that fit right off the rack. These pants give guys like me some hope. No alterations needed, just amazing-fitting khakis. Plus, for whatever it's worth, my wife loves the way it makes my butt look. I'm currently awaiting my third pair of these quality pants to be delivered. Well done, Dockers. July 19, 2012
the new work pant... This pant replaces the D1 slim fit since the fit on those was so inconsistant (in the thigh). since i live in the Gesert of California it would be lovely to have this pant offered in a few more lighter shades. July 19, 2012
My new go to pant This pant replaces the D1 slim fit since the fit on those was so inconsistant (in the thigh). since i live in the Gesert of California it would be lovely to have this pant offered in a few more lighter shades. July 19, 2012
The new work pant for me... This pant replaces the D1 slim fit since the fit on those was so inconsistant (in the thigh). since i live in the Gesert of California it would be lovely to have this pant offered in a few more lighter shades. July 19, 2012
Hands down the best pair of Khakis I've ever owned. I was at an Urban Outfitters and came across the Copen Blue Alpha Khaki. I had no idea that Dockers was still around, forget being around AND making awesome pants. Was i skeptical? Of course! Dockers makes dad pants. Or so I thought. I got the pants and instantly fell in love. The fit was so rad and I constantly receive compliments on them. A few months later I was on a desperate search to find a slim pair of classic khakis for an important meeting I had the next week. I went to several highly regarded stores and NOT ONE had even a passable pair of a slim khaki. I was super bummed about it. Finally when I thought all hope was loss, it hit me, "I love my blue Dockers, I bet they have the same style in a khaki!". How could I have not thought of this sooner?? Sure enough I was right and immediately purchased the British Khaki.These pants rule. Easily the best pair of Khakis I've ever owned. My only complaint is that to speed up the shipping one day it was $18! Surely that must be illegal in at least 6 states. Anyways that has nothing to do with the product itself. All this to say, when I got the khakis it said on the pants "Find a better slim fitting khaki. Go ahead - try" I laughed to myself. I HAD tried and I failed miserably. Never again Dockers. Lesson learned. Now if I could only afford to get every other color available in the Alpha..... July 8, 2012
Nice pants This was my first pair of fitted pants, and I must say I look good in them. They are very fitted, so if you have some big thighs, these pants aren't for you. Black goes with everything, and they actually feel better after they are washed. I didn't dry them just to be on the safe side. July 6, 2012
My dream khaki This is my new favorite pair of pants. They iron quick & easy and look super crisp for a classy look & attitude. They go with tennis shoes or loafers. A totally step up from jeans. July 6, 2012
BEST KHAKIS EVER These khakis are simply amazing. The best skim fitting khakis I've ever purchased by far. The quality of the pants are noticeable throughout the overall construction of the pant. The durability of these things is ridiculous. WORTH EVERY PENNY July 5, 2012
Bottom of legs very tapered I tend to really like Dockers slim fit, but have avoided pants with significant taper at the bottom. I can see why now with the Alphas I got. They appear to be well-made, and fit reasonably well elsewhere, but I find the bottom taper to be too aggressive, bunching up too much on the shoe top of any shoes I wear. If you like that kind of taper, these may be your ticket. Just not for me. July 5, 2012
Good Pants The Alpha Khakis are as advertised, but there is only one color in my size. How come you don't make them in 38 X 34 in anything other than grey? What do you have against tall people? July 5, 2012
alpha khakis Loved the fit. He looks great in them, These are the hardest pants to iron I've ever had to iron! For that reason I wouldn't purchase another pair. As a mother of 6, 4 are boys I've ironed a lot of pants, none this hard. June 28, 2012
Blind buy Love me some Levi's 511 skinny jeans and wanted khakis that resembled similar characteristics. Alpha Khaki passed the test, waist size and length was spot on. Glad I purchased two khaki's and one dark pebble considering this was a blind buy that is I've never tried these on before purchasing. Highly recommend. June 24, 2012
amazing pants my bf loves my bf loves these, At first they felt tight to him but I thought they made his butt look amazing and now that they've been warn a bunch he picks these over jeans. ;) June 18, 2012
GREAT PANTS These khakis are the best. They fit well, feel good, and look good. They are advertized as a heavy weight fabric and I was expecting something like the K1 khakis, so they are not that heavy or thick, but they are great pants. June 15, 2012
Killer Khakis Fit is fantastic, slim, but not skinny or tight. The fabric is more stiff than other khakis but light in weight so they are great for warmer weather. June 11, 2012
The Modern day Khakis This is my first time buying Khakis and I've been using these as almost as much as jeans now. They are truly modern. June 9, 2012
I love my Alpha Khakis! Why do I love a pair of pants? I am 5 Feet 6 Inches tall and over the years I have stayed in very good physical shape. Most men's trousers are not designed for men my size. With the return of the mod style 1960s slim tapered cut in pants I now have a style that gives me a flatering look. These Alpha Khakis are tailor made for me with a 36 inch waist and a 29 inch length. Apparently, a lot of thought was put into designing these pants. The New British Khaki is just the right shade of khaki that matches so well with dress shirts and polo shirts. The high quality cotton cloth is strong for casual occasions and yet refined for the office. Dockers has scored a winner with Alpha Khaki slim tapered pants. Buy just one pair of the New British Khaki and you will love them enough to buy more pairs. I plan to buy more Apha Khakis before they go out of style but I hope the Alpha Khaki never goes out of style and they are sold for a long time because they are worth the money! Three cheers for Dockers!!! June 5, 2012
Awesome pants! I truly love my Alphas! The fit is great but the price is even better. June 2, 2012
Great pant First pair of pants, other than jeans, that I can wear without having to have altered. Couldn't ask for a better pair. June 2, 2012
Nice! Great fit, great look. I'm 5'11 and got a 30/30, they're a little short (length) for me, which was totally my mistake. However, the fit is still great and looks very similar to the ads. June 1, 2012
Best fitting pants ever Alpha khakis have replaced my favorite Jeanes can be worn casual or dressed up. Fit perfect and get better as you wear them I was they came in more colors. I would buy them all May 31, 2012
Great fit. Questionable Build Quality. The fit on these pants is excellent, though maybe a bit short in the leg. I'm not sure on the quality, however, as the thread for the inside button was already loose the moment they arrived. That button fell out only a few days later. May 30, 2012
Good styling and construction I've gotten two pairs of these recently and really like the build quality, fabric, and colors. The only thing I would change is to make them a bit less tapered from the knees down. Good product. I hope Dockers continues in this direction. May 29, 2012
Good fit and color. Be sure to wash them as directed to keep the shape of the pants fit. May 29, 2012
Very good looking Alpha Khakis I bought my first Alpha Khakis during Christmas 2011, it is very comfortable and stylish. Now I buy another 3 for work and home. Many thanks to Dockers for carrying the outstanding pant. May 29, 2012
Great color I particularly like the color, although it is not perfectly the same as on the website pictures. It has a very slight shine to it and a feel of quality. It is heavy and size a little small. I hope after washing it will not shrink at all or I will not fit in it anymore. Overall I like these pants. May 27, 2012
Color misleading I like the cut but found two issues with the product. First, it sizes a little small. The 31 I ordered feels more like a 30 from other brands, even from another model of Dockers I got a while ago. More disturbing is the discrepancy of colors between the website and the actual product. The picture on the website shows a much clearer color than it is. I wanted a light khaki tone, this one is more brown/olive. May 27, 2012
Where have these been all my life? I've gone through lots of pants that never fit quite right, too baggy here or there. But now, the Alpha Khaki seems to have gotten it right. The slim taper just works for me. I will buy more of these. PS: Please offer more colors in the 32X32 size. Thanks Dockers! May 27, 2012
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