Dockers® Alpha Khaki, Skinny Tapered - Chino

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With all the features of our original Alpha Khaki, we've taken in the leg for a slimmer fit.
  • 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane. Machine washable
  • Skinny fit with tapered leg, Sits slightly below the waist
  • Zip fly and button closure
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Perfect skinny pants for the aging hipster. These pants have the perfect skinny fit to them - tapered into a fairly small leg opening down at the ankle but overall a super flattering fit through the leg. I am 6'3" and 155 lbs. so it is difficult to find pants advertised as skinny that are not skin tight, or actually a slim fit that is called skinny for no particular reason. I got the 32x34, which is usually a gamble for me with other pants - either the waist is too large, or the length is off. These fit without being too tight, don't require me to wear a belt, and offer just the slightest bit of bunching at the ankle which can be easily cuffed for extra look. Immediately after trying these on I wanted to buy more, but the color selection is mostly neutrals with paisley and wallpaper patterns (which is not for me.) Hoping beyond hope that my size gets made in black and navy some day in the future, at that point I'll shut up and you can take my money. October 12, 2014
I love my Alpha Khakis - skinny taper fit Great skinny fit and fabric, the stretch is amazing. The design and details just right for men I would love a better assortment of neutrals, to compliment what you have September 13, 2014
True Story ... Alpha Khaki Skinnys took to the water; New Lifeguard Recruit gets the job! I've seen other lifeguard posts here and wanted to pass this on to you. My pool has been recruiting summer lifeguards. You know the drill -- look professional, swim test, etc. So a new recruit shows for his interview... nice polo shirt, Alpha Khaki Skinny Chinos and deck shoes. Great for the interview and then some. Our supervisor's office is in the main pool building at the deep ens of the pool. I was there for this. She says to the kid, 'there a drowning in the pool; what are you going to do?' Immediately, the recruit races to the pool, tears off his shirt and kicks off his shoes and dives in. At the bottom of the pool is the rescue dummy, so he dives down and retrieves it as in a real rescue. Our Super watches the whole thing and tells him, 'give me 10 laps.' He swam it with ease. Done, he swim over to the ladder, exits the water and does a perfect foot first entry and swims the length of the pool UNDER WATER. To be clear, he swam the whole test in his Alpha Skinny Khakis! Dude! Swam strong and fast, too. Our Supervisor, absolutely impressed, says, 'you got the job'. The new 'guard climbs out of the water and says when do I start? 'Now' was the reply. And one of our guards handed him a whistle and rescue tube. He says 'do I need to change into reds?' And the Super says "as you are!' In fact, wear your skins every day!" With this, he took to the stand, looking confidant and strong in Dockers Alpha Skinnys. Motto: this 19 year old guy lands a lifeguard job because he responded quickly, knew what to do, and had the smarts to wear Alpha Skinnys to look professional and swim strong. April 22, 2014
word bro Perfect fit, looks exactly like the picture, the best fitting pair of pants I've ever owned, please add more colors, thanks! March 26, 2014
Fool me once... Ordered the same pair 2 times now but labeled entirely different pants. The chino skinny taper alpha khakis are EXTREMELY similar to the british khaki original slims, with the addition of a little stretch. Similar color, similar fit. Very disappointed. This has happened before when "dockers khaki" was renamed "british khaki". Would really like to have these in the actual chino color pictured above, or just a purchase through the Dockers website where i get the color I was expecting. January 28, 2014
Skinny Chinos are bred to Swim and Dive! I am a lifeguard at a pool complex. Last week I wrote a review for Dockers Alpha ? Forged Iron. I?ve bought two pair since and this review is for the Skinny Chino. We wear khakis and a polo shirt for deck duty to look professional. But, there many times when we are in the water, with no time to ?suit-up?, so I?ll ditch the shirt and dive for a rescue. These khakis were made to swim! They shrink to fit, are low rise, and tapered for a perfect fit over my dive boots and fins. The slim fit molds to your body like a second skin in the pool and they swim like a barracuda. I was on a rescue can in the deep end today for 9 hours of water time. Some people say that they shrink? YES! What a great fit! I wear a competition Speedo underneath so my Chino Khakis can draw-up for good jock support. They have just enough stretch ? but still fit snug for pike dives and underwater swims. The knees become articulated and they stretch out a little in length from the water. They fit just tight enough to return energy to you. Water is their natural environment. On cool days, I add a lycra rash guard top. But, today, wore just my Chinos. Awesome!! I?ve only been out of the water no for a half hour, and am still stoked with energy. Tonight we have a staff party. Don?t be surprised if I go off the high dive yelling ?CHINO? just as I dive clean into 18 feet of water! After swim it?s the huge hot tub for more shrinking and molding to fit. If anyone wonders how to break these in, its the same as Levis 510 or 511 Jeans. Get Wet! And let ?em dry on. Dive deep; swim hard! Be safe, always. Oh ? and they LOOK GREAT! December 28, 2013
Alpha Khaki Shrink to Fit, Swim and Dive - Your Second Skin! Excellent - red! Like my other 'reds' - lifeguard trunks. When I saw these, I got a pair and swam all weekend. They are like their brothers (the other A.K. Skins) - mold to your body, go everywhere, take to water like they were bred to be swimmer, diver, lifeguard skins. Read my other reviews ... the attributes of Alpha Khaki Skins are too many to repeat here. I am a lifeguard on call 24/7 and work at a major pool complex. I also free lance as a guard for hire at corporate functions. When on the pool deck, we like to look professional - skins and polo or even a sport coat. But when duty calls for an assist or save, I ditch the shirt or coat and dive/swim to the rescue in my Alpha Khaki Skins. These are the best combination of go-every where jeans and the slightly more cool look of khakis. People notice appearance, but we strive for function - dependable, rugged, some stretch and shrink to fit second skin for swimming and diving rescues. They shrink to low rise, snug/tight everywhere with good jock support -- great swim fit - and great look! These look awesome when they dry-on. You can LIVE in Alpha Khakis. Soon it will be summer and where ever you are, you'll be in the swim in Alpha Khakis. If you want to break your Alpha Khakis in properly, take to the water. You and your skins will benefit from the workout. Be safe, swim hard! February 3, 2014
AWESOME SKINS! My Light Blue Alpha Khaki are bleached and shrink to fit. This is my 4th review ? this time for Light Blue. Wow! You can get addicted to Alpha Khakis. Today our pool was closed for in-service. So besides staff meeting and cleaning, we had it all to ourselves. We swam, dove, cleaned and scuba for over 10 hours. This pair of Alpha Khaki are similar to the Chinos ? with thick material and rugged construction. They took about 4 hours of water time to break in. Now they are Skins and will retain their great fit and shape ? which is molded perfectly to me. This is why I have specific pairs of skins that are reserved for swimming and lifeguarding. Here is what lifeguards do to break in jeans and khakis ? Swim until they start to shrink and draw up. Then emerge from the pool and immediately do squats to ring the water out, quickly adjust (guys will know what I mean ? this is for fit and to prevent injury). And then dive into deep water and swim down and do flip turns before any air gets into your khakis. When you first dive back in they will be absolutely SKIN TIGHT. Surface and repeat. Dive-in clean (no splash) and do laps and more flip turns ? Now You have SKINS ? perfect fitting, molded to your body, shrink to fit and awesome. The more you repeat this, the better their fit. Mine became tighter, longer, articulated in the knees and lower in the rise ? mainly from flip turns and pike dives and to form fit for good athletic support. Swim shirtless, so the water flowing over your body forces your skins tighter ? like a good wetsuit. I use fins and swim free-style or back stroke to be streamlined in the water. As they dry, they will warm to your body and loosen about a 1/4 inch - just enough to allow freedom of movement and a good athletic fit. Then just hang them to dry when you get home. They will retain this fit. Alphas are already designed to take you everywhere. For me, they have all the swim-ready aspects that I like -> slim tapered shrink to fit, low rise for dives and flip turns and overall a tight swim-fit. You can LIVE in these khakis. If you don't get to swim, when its time to wash them, take them into the shower, and then let them dry on or hang to dry. Don't use the washer or dryer! They will be your second skin to swim, hike, dive, bike, skate, sleep, go out on a hot date! Or add a sportcoat for the office or class. These are a great buy. This is why I own several pair... and why all my skins swim! DIVE DEEP AND BE SAFE. January 2, 2014
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