Big & Tall Signature Khaki, Pleated - Dark Khaki

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The Signature Khaki looks newer longer with Staying Power Technology. This pant features No-Wrinkle fabric and a permanent crease, so they look refined from desk to dinner.
  • Classic Fit (D3) - Roomy through seat and thigh; Slightly tapered leg; Pleated with permanent crease
  • 100% cotton; Machine washable
  • Color Bond® technology keeps them looking new, even after 20 washes
  • No Wrinkle finish; Comfort Waistband for up to 2" room
  • See all colors; Also available in Regular sizes
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Big & Tall Signature Khaki, Pleated - Dark Khaki 3.7 5 132 170
Paul's pants I have always liked Dockers no matter what the article of clothing, it is always excellent quality you can trust and a fair price for the article September 29, 2013
Good, but make it better. I was disappointed that these khakis did not have the metal hook which I am accustomed to find on Dockers. They only have a button. The button is thicker, more substantial than, the regular button with hook. But it is therefore also more difficult (at least when new) to button closed/open. I would much prefer the button and hook combination. A word on color, there is a greenish tint to the dark khaki color that makes it clash with, for example, a khaki-colored shirt. If you coordinate with other khaki colored articles of clothing, order the regular khaki color, not the dark khaki. Otherwise, they are fine. September 24, 2013
Love the pants but pockets are the issue I would pay an additional dollar or two if your would go back to sewing extra material at the opening of the pockets to match the color of the pants. The white pockets make the pants look "cheap". We all know these pants are a good price but certainly not bargain priced. I have no issues with the hook/latch or button which is mentioned by other reviewers but the pockets leave me less than satisfied. November 3, 2013
As Good as Anything else Out There This trousers are not as durable as former Dockers in years past. The simple rubbing of the hem of trousers on a tied shoe makes the hem begin to fray. On the whole, they are comfortable. Much better now that they have gone back to buttons. While they last, they are comfortable. September 17, 2013
You are having trouble with your buttons and button holes and the metal clasps in the middle. This is the third pair with such a problem. This pair only had a button but the button hole was too small to allow it to be butoned easily. The last pair had a metal clasp that came out on the first wearing. October 31, 2013
Pants Literally Fell Apart I've been wearing Dockers since the late 1980s. The pants have always been great until recently. Bought two pairs a couple of weeks ago. Got them in the mail and went to wear them. I liked these because they went back to the button closure instead of the hook closure. Second time I wore the pants, I was seated and tying my shoes when I thought I heard a rip. Didn't pay any mind to it as I was out the door going to work. Got to work and I realized the stitching from the zipper in the front to the sash for the top of the pants in the back had come apart. Had to leave work because I thought if I stayed any longer the pants would have completely fallen apart. October 28, 2013
Somewhat disappointing for the 1st time One pair of the pants, are fine and are of the quality I expect from Dockers. The other however require both time and patience to button at the waist. The buttonhole is too short, so you must turn the button along the buttonhole and force the button through. I hope this is an accidental occurrence, not an indicator of future attention to detail. September 12, 2013
Quality of Khakis The quality and consistency of khakis has gone down the past few years. I had to order twice to receive pants that were the correct size. Quality varies according to where produced. September 3, 2013
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