We’re For Water

How Our Clothes Reduce Water Use

Water is essential to life, but it’s also an essential part of making clothes. We can’t stop using water altogether, but we work hard to reduce our water use here at Dockers®. So much so that we created our own suite of water-saving techniques called Water<Less® to lower our impact on the planet.

What Is Water< Less?

Traditional dyeing and finishing processes consume a ton of water, so in 2011 Levi Strauss & Co., our parent company, developed a suite of water-saving techniques to do it more responsibly. We call it Water<Less®. In 2020, Dockers® recycled nearly 42 million liters of water through Water<Less® techniques — and we have open-sourced our techniques to inspire industry-wide change.

What Does Water< Less Look Like?

There are over 20 innovative water-saving techniques that make up Water<Less®. Sometimes instead of detergent, we use a thimble of water and a bit of ozone. Or we might take water out of the wash altogether by tumbling our clothes with bottle caps and golf balls instead of using fabric softener.

Which Styles Use Water< Less?

Today, 75% of our entire global line uses Water<Less® techniques.