Dockers® Vintage Does Denim

We’re most known for our khakis — but did you know that Dockers® has returned to denim time and time again? Just like khaki, denim is a wardrobe staple we’ve always loved and considered a big part of California style. Versatile and casual in the best way, good denim is timeless — and every denim piece we make is a testament to it.

Since our early years, our approach to denim has been inspired by the khakis you know and love us for: timeless versatile. From the pleated pants you know and love to utilitarian-inspired outerwear like chore coats and fisherman jackets, our indigo-inflected take on the classics can take you anywhere. 

This vintage denim collection features some of our favorite denim styles throughout our history — ones that continue to influence the denim we make today. Here are some of our favorite styling tips to help inspire you to wear our denim in your own way. 

Blue on Blue

Get dressed with a clean conscience. Our high sustainability standards reduce our impact on the planet and better the lives of apparel workers.

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Off the Cuff

Our denim looks great when drawing from khaki styling inspiration. That’s why we love wearing them cuffed to show off those socks and shoes. 

Under Your Belt

For a look that feels especially modern, start with an oversized pair of jeans. Then cinch the waist with something simple like a shoestring. It’s easy and effective. 

The beauty of denim is that it's always classic and there are endless ways to wear it. No matter how you style it, as long as you make it personal, it’s guaranteed to shine.