The Values That Drive Us
The Values That Drive Us


Our Planet

Progress is woven into everything we do, from how we make our clothing to how we care for people and the planet.

Dockers® + Waves For Water

The global water crisis is complex, but together we can tackle it on two major fronts: through how much water we can save, and through how we can help communities impacted by water scarcity. Waves For Water is a humanitarian aid organization that provides access to clean water for developing communities around the world. Working hand-in-hand with local networks, they implement long-term sustainable water programs with solutions like portable filtration systems and rainwater harvesting systems. Their streamlined approach creates maximum impact with minimal red tape. And since their founding, they’ve improved the lives of over 3.75 million people. We’re ready to dig in and do the hard work to offset it by building a more sustainable future.

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Our People

Always Proud

Stonewall Community Foundation invests in the LGTBQ+ community within New York City’s boroughs, working with small, grassroots nonprofits and populations experiencing the greatest vulnerability. Continuing the fight for equality and LGBTQ+ rights that started with the Stonewall Riots of 1969, Stonewall Community Foundation focuses on causes like education and violence, family acceptance and health, with community participation carefully threaded throughout their work. Dockers® is honored to continue its partnership with Stonewall Community Foundation for the third consecutive year.

Advancing Social Justice & Equality

Dockers is committed to advancing social justice from inside and out — from tackling diversity in our own offices and stores to helping partners like the ACLU through donations and public awareness efforts. We know it won’t happen overnight. But we’re committed to following through and putting in the work to ensure equality for everyone.