The Clean Water Project

Thanks to our Water<Less® techniques, we’ve been recycling millions of liters of water a year for the last decade. But the water crisis goes beyond the clothes we wear — so we’re meeting it with solutions that go even further.

That’s why we’re teaming up with Waves for Water to back clean water projects around the world. Starting in under-resourced communities, we’re tackling the global water crisis in the places we can make the most difference. And with your help, we can make an even greater impact.

May 2023

Earthquake Relief in Türkiye

In the aftermath of the devastating 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shook the country on February 6th, 2023, Dockers® and Waves For Water responded by implementing strategic clean water solutions that continue today.  

Alongside local community member Edrinc Gultekin, local school teacher Ipek Heybeli Guzelsemme and brand ambassador Deniz Toprak, Waves For Water distributed filters to communities in need, providing additional training, filter maintenance and support to families who received filters in earlier relief efforts. As communities in Türkiye recover from the earthquake, Dockers® and Waves for Water are committed to establishing an ongoing plan for strategic aid.

World Water Day

Jamaica Water Project

Dockers® and Waves for Water traveled to Jamaica to continue work that began in 2018. With 40% of the rural population still relying on unsafe drinking water, there is a substantial need and an important opportunity to address the global water crisis. Selema Masekela (Dockers® ambassador) joined us as a courier for this trip, to see first hand the impact of Waves for Waters’ global initiatives.

“This is the stuff that makes a difference in communities and allows people to flourish.”

 - Selema Masekela

November 2022

Making a Difference In Bangladesh

For our most recent clean water project, Jon Rose and the Waves For Water team headed to Bangladesh, an epicenter of the garment industry. There, they distributed over 900 water filtration systems to local communities around Narayanganj and Sylhet. While there are still great infrastructure needs, the filtration systems we implemented provide a simple solution for immediate action.

“A lot of [the local needs] are seemingly unsolvable, but clean water isn’t one of them.”

— Waves For Water Founder Jon Rose

August 2022

Making an Impact in Northern Peru

We teamed up with Waves for Water founder Jon Rose and professional Peruvian surfer Gabriel Villarán to bring clean water solutions to landlocked communities along the Marañón River.

“These super small filters make such a difference. It has a giant impact on them and their families.” — Peruvian Surfer Gabriel Villarán

The Numbers

On this trip alone, we distributed 150 water filters, aiding 4 communities, 750 families and 3750 individuals.

September 2022

Empowering Veterans in Humanitarianism

Dockers® and Waves For Water teamed up to send a team of veterans to support those impacted by Hurrican Fiona. Through the Clean Water Corps, these veterans repurpose their training and extensive operations experience to provide humanitarian aid. The Clean Water Corps’ programs offer new opportunities for veterans to engage with global communities and reconnect with their community.

March, 2022

Measuring Our Impact in the Philippines

During our follow-up visit in Quezon, Palawan, we were happy to find that 95% of the filters implemented were used in the last year. The other 5% was put back in use through hands-on repair and education. 

“What keeps us motivated is seeing the impact of the work. I think that's what's so empowering about this: it's Filipinos helping other Filipinos.” -Jenica Dizon, Waves for Water Philippines.

December, 2021

Bringing Clean Water Solutions to Oaxaca

This winter, Dockers® ambassadors went to Southern Mexico as Waves for Water Couriers, making lasting connections and bringing clean water access to local communities.

“The courier program is really simple. It arms travelers with tools, in this case water filters, to help people along the way.” — Jon Rose & Fritz Pierre-Louis

October 2021

Disaster Relief in Haiti

As communities in Southern Haiti begin to rebuild after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck on August 14, 2021, they’re left with limited access to clean water. In response, Dockers® and Waves for Water have secured access to potable water for over 2500 people through the distribution of 500 water filtration kits. Realizing the need extends beyond water, we also distributed 500 hygiene kits, 500 meal bundles, 30 tents, 30 tarps and three motorcycles across multiple communities in the Southern Peninsula.

After any catastrophe, there is another catastrophe that starts — and after an earthquake, most of the population are in need of everything. By having access to potable water, you can bathe, you can drink, you can cook. It’s essential. — Fritz Pierre-Louis, Waves for Water

June 2021

Gaining Access To Clean Water In Mexico

The Raramuri community of Copper Canyon, Mexico is vibrant and resilient, but ongoing droughts have created water scarcity. That’s why we’re helping the communities of Copper Canyon gain access to clean water in our latest effort to fight the global water crisis. Together, Dockers® and Waves for Water have secured access to clean water for over 5000 people by distributing 500 water filtration systems and upgrading existing water infrastructure.

“The Water Situation Here Is Dire. The Drought Affects Everything, But The Raramuri Have Been Resourceful And Resilient. By Introducing New Solutions, We Have The Opportunity To Help Optimize The Raramuri’s Access To Clean Water.” - Jon Rose

January 2021

Restoring Wells In Liberia

As a part of our ongoing commitment to help communities in need gain access to clean water, we sent Jon and his team to Monrovia, Liberia, to continue working with friend and fellow humanitarian Dr. Kimmie Weeks. Together, we fixed dozens of broken water wells, implemented filtration systems and trained local leaders to maintain them, securing long-term clean water access for over 100,000 people.

“Donating One Well Impacts Anywhere From 1,500, To 4,000 People And Prevents People From Dying. I Could Think About No Greater Calling.” — Dr. Kimmie Weeks

Meet Dr. Kimmie

Dr. Kimmie Weeks is the founder of Youth Action International, a non-profit organization focusing on providing education, health care, and economic empowerment to thousands of people struggling to break out of poverty.

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