Dockers X Karla

We teamed up with creative visionary Karla Welch on a collection that celebrates inclusivity and classic style.

Published on 06.20.2019

A New Take On Classics

As a nod to its khaki heritage and iconic essentials, Dockers® teamed up with one of the world’s most powerful stylists and founder of x karla — Karla Welch — to put a fresh spin on Dockers® khaki classics.

Karla's Khaki Obsession

'I have a real khaki obsession, and I always have. It’s such a staple of a man’s wardrobe, and I was always thinking...well, where are mine? My dad carried Dockers® in his store and I have just always loved a good khaki pant on a man.'

A Perfect Lineup

Treading the perfect line between classic and contemporary, the collection features a lineup up of five menswear staples and accessories designed to be worn by everyone: wide-leg and tapered khakis, a trench coat, an oversized dress shirt, a pocket tee, a bucket hat, and a utility belt-bag.