Dockers® X Karla

Published on 09.15.2021

Building off of last year’s Dockers® x karla collection, this year sees an all-new lineup of unisex American classics elevated through exaggerated, oversized fits. The result: timeless essentials brought to life through utility styling and a novel approach to shape.

True classics can be worn anywhere, by anyone. While today, technical wear is the uniform of the outdoors, there was a time when crisp shirts, beautiful jackets and sharp trousers were the name of the game. This collection harkens back to that time. 

Designed around the tenets of comfort, movement, durability and style, each garment was made using the quality materials and artful craftsmanship that Dockers® is known for.

The Modern Uniform

“I just see this as a continuation of pieces that are really wearable and really affordable. In a way it feels like a uniform, a little bit utilitarian, but with a fashion element too. My collaborations are built on this idea of the American classics. Of working on the perfect closet that I need and that everyone else needs. It’s my idea of your uniform for living life. Dockers has an authenticity rooted in craftsmanship and classic, versatile style. There’s nothing more special than a tee you love, or a pair of khakis you love.” — Karla Welch, stylist

Life Imitates Art

When designing this collection, visionary stylist Karla Welch drew inspiration from photographs of artists, and how they dressed while navigating the great outdoors. To capture the versatility and universality of the collection, Karla and her husband, photographer Matthew Welch, took portraits of their family wearing the garments, both out in nature and in the studio.

In honor of this collaboration, we’re making a donation to The Trevor Project, the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ+ young people. TTP provides support through free and confidential crisis counseling via phone, chat, and text.

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