Father's Day Gift Guide
Father's Day Gift Guide

Published on 06.01.2020

Here’s to the dads who keep up with all the latest pigtail trends and the amazing dads who raised them. To the dads who make every judo match without fail and the dads who’ve missed a few because they’re busy making ends meet. To the dads who’ve been juggling the roles of homeschool teacher, coach, chef and parent all at once lately. We appreciate everything you do.

“I want to be the person my kids can come to and trust. Someone who they can come to if they have any problems. Someone they can celebrate their victories with. And fatherhood is a fun part of my life too. It’s the most exciting part of the day and the greatest feeling in the world.” - Mark

“Fatherhood is my most important job because it’s my legacy on the world. It’s how I get to make my impression; what did I learn from my family and my friends, and how can I impart that wisdom on my son and the next generation. That is more important than any single impact I can make by myself.” - Andrew

“Being a father is a 24/7 job, but I want to give her as much as I can and give her the world. I want to raise my daughter to be the best that she can be.” - Angel