Re-Love the Classics


Through Dockers® Vintage, we’re highlighting our legacy of khaki style with some of the most iconic pants, tops and jackets we’re known for. And we’re giving you the chance to re-love pieces that only get better with wear. They can all be worn in different ways with just about anything. 

Our Dockers® Vintage curation draws on the best of what we’ve made throughout the years, proving that the best product only gets better with age. And while shopping for vintage and one-of-a-kind pieces online can be just as straightforward as buying them new, the process takes some upfront knowledge — and a little time and patience. If you’re new to shopping for vintage clothing online, we’ve got some tips to get you started.

How to Style Vintage

Buying vintage doesn’t mean radically changing your style. Choose pieces that speak to you and your style regardless of when the garment was made. Here are some of our favorite tricks for styling your favorite Dockers® Vintage pieces:

  • Not only do oversized vintage pieces look great — it’s much easier to adjust their fit. If you’ve got an oversized pair of pants, we’re particularly fond of cinching them with a belt to play with proportions.

  • Changing inseam lengths is a great way to play with how a pair of pants or shorts look. Cropping them is great for the summer and showing off your socks, and longer lengths let you stack — where the fabric artfully stacks on top of itself — and bring an authentic vintage edge to your look.

  • Pairing a piece of vintage with something modern can be a great juxtaposition since one is pristine and the other has a patina.

Shopping for Vintage Online: What You Need to Know

Get Inspired

When we look for vintage clothes, we like to start with some inspiration. You can find great images of vintage style all over the place: from films, books and magazines to old celebrity pics and Instagram accounts. 

Know Your Measurements

Knowing your measurements is probably the most important part of shopping for vintage online — and we measured every Dockers® Vintage piece to help you make informed decisions. To make sure a piece you love is the correct size, we recommend finding something similar that you already own and fits you well. Measure that — then use it as a point of reference for the piece you’re looking at. (FYI that most vintage products aren't made with stretch, so choose a non-stretch garment to measure whenever possible. When measuring, hold the tape measure taut but don’t stretch it. 

Get to Know a Local Tailor

Every Dockers® Vintage piece has been repaired and restored to its original functionality; we took care of the missing buttons and undone hems so you don’t have to. But we also recommend visiting a local tailor to make small adjustments to the fit, especially if the item runs large. It can often make the difference between liking and loving your item for years to come.

Keep in mind that there may be signs of wear and distressing on your vintage piece, and that’s intentional — we think it adds to the character and beauty of the product. 

The moral of the story? There’s no wrong way to shop for vintage. You never know what you’re going to discover along the way.