What Khakis Are Made Of

Published on 08.05.2020


How it all comes together.

Basic Seam

Where pieces of fabric are connected and sewn to form a garment.

Felled Seam

The smoothest seam out there, felled seams are perfect for making strong clothing with a streamlined, smooth shape.


An extra piece of fabric that reinforces for strength.


The inner seam of a garment. In khaki pants, it runs from the crotch down to the bottom of the leg.


A piece of metal hardware that helps reinforce a garment.


Little vertical slits cut into the sides of a shirt. This provides a more streamlined fit, and is often found on men’s polo shirts.


The bottoms of pants and shirts.

Basic Hem

The edge of the fabric, where it’s been turned in and sewn.


The most classic of the bunch, this is what you’re used to: a simple, straight stitch that prevents fabric from fraying. You’ll see this on everything from button up shirts to chino pants.


When you turn up the bottom of your pants and roll to your liking. Cuffing, folding and rolling are great for showcasing your boots, shoes, socks or ankles — and look great with tapered pants.


An unfinished edge, this is meant to get distressed over time in keeping with your personal style.


How fabric is secured.


A dense set of stitches at common points of stress or weakness in a garment. This technique adds strength and durability.

Chain Stitch

A looped design that forms a chain-like pattern with the thread. This stitch is great for embroidery and creating visually arresting detail.

Lock Stitch

The most common mechanical stitch. It’s done with a single needle and 2 threads that “lock” together and bind pieces of fabric to create a seam.

Top Stitch

If a garment is top stitched, it means you can see the thread on the outside of it. It’s usually finely done on the outer edges of things like pockets and necklines. You’ll notice this detail on many tees, button up shirts, and polo shirts for men.

Fit Terms

How we talk about fit.


A garment that has been cut to a shorter length.


The measurement along the length of the inner leg. When looking for the right pair of men’s pants, knowing your inseam is key; if you like to cuff the bottom, go with a slightly longer inseam than usual.

Leg Opening

Leg Opening

Where your feet come out of your pants. The smaller the leg opening, the more “tapered” the khaki.


The measurement along the length of the outer leg from the top of the pants to the bottom of the pants.


The measurement from the bottom of the crotch to the center top of the waistband.


In the back of a pair of pants, the seat extends from the top of the pants to just below the pockets, where the legs begin.