Khaki Manual

Garment Types

Published on 08.05.2020

Khaki Pants

Our bread and butter, the khaki is a casual yet refined pant that typically features slant pockets, a zip fly and visible stitching. Khakis started out as a military uniform — but we were the first to bring them to the office in 1986, paving the way for a widespread movement of business casual attire for men.


Cargo Pants & Shorts

Military-style garments originally designed for tough, outdoor activities. Their calling cards are patch pockets affixed to their legs. These khaki shorts and pants offer extra utilitarian value.



A cotton twill pant named for being originally made in China, chinos are a lot like khakis, but tend to have a slimmer cut, more streamlined pockets and invisible stitching.


Jogger Pants

Tapered pants with an elastic leg opening that falls just above the ankle. They’re great for showing off sneakers.



Short pants that reach only to the thigh or knee. Men’s shorts were once considered casual-only, but now they’re being worn by more guys to more momentous occasions.



Essential shirts for each day of the week.


A shirt that closes via a vertical column of buttons at the front, the button-up is an absolute must for every man out there. They’re quintessential dress shirts for men, and a staple at work and events.



A short- or long-sleeved pullover shirt, henleys button at the neck, with a placket and rounded neckline to match. They’re a classic among casual shirts for men.


A short-sleeved, pullover shirt, usually made of cotton or cotton-like knit, with a sporty, turnover collar. Polo shirts are endlessly functional, and are a mainstay in modern casual sportswear. Think: tennis and golf.



The most basic of the shirts, tees have no collar, no placket, and are made with lighter fabrics. Whether they’re solid or with graphics, short-sleeve or long-sleeve, crew- or v-necks, they’re a cornerstone of every man’s closet.



Layers for any season.


A sports jacket that features a lapel, a two- or three-button closure, and a vent at the back. When it comes to jackets for men, blazers are here to stay and come in all shapes and sizes, with plenty of details to consider. Luckily, we make it easy to choose.


A casual jacket with a banded collar and waist with roots in aerial combat, the bomber is overtaking all other jackets as the current king of outerwear. Spoiler alert: it looks great with khakis.

Field Jacket

A military-style jacket usually equipped with four patch pockets at the front, the field jacket is masculine, timeless, and comes in a pinch if you’ve got extra stuff to carry around.


A lightweight, waist-length jacket with a tab collar that folds up and fastens with buttons, these babies are usually lined in Tartan or checkerboard patterns.


These hooded jackets are often lined with fur or faux fur and can cinch at the waist. They’re a great pick for cold, cold weather.

Trench Coats

Typically double-breasted and belted, trenches are overcoats with a long and storied heritage that also protect you from the elements. File them under “winter essential” and “leading man style.”

Sweaters & Sweatshirts

Comfort up top.


A sweater that zips halfway down, for a more traditional collegiate look.


Add a hood and a kangaroo pocket to a sweatshirt and you’ve got yourself a hoodie. Some zip all the way up the front; some pop over.


A knitted or crocheted layer made to keep your torso warm. If it’s knit without sleeves, call it a sweater-vest. Crewneck sweaters are especially popular, and pair effortlessly with khaki pants.


A long-sleeved pullover usually made of soft, absorbent cloth, sweatshirts used to be reserved for going to or from your workout, or lounging on the weekends. Now, they’re an integral part of day-to-day style, and often pretty damn elevated.

Quarter Zip

A sweater that zips a quarterway down, this style is a classic preppy staple.