Under the laws of California, Colorado, Connecticut and Utah, the definition of “sale” is broad and covers many common business activities, even when the Personal Information used is not exchanged for money, or when it has been partially de-identified. LS&Co. shares Contact Information (e.g, email addresses), or network activity (e.g., cookie id’s), device identifiers, and inferences (e.g., customer segments) for data analytics including fraud detection, marketing and advertising purposes, for example, to better understand consumer engagement with our brand, to match your interests with similar products you may also be interested in, to offer advertising for other LS&Co. products across other devices that you use, and to identify other consumers with interests similar to yours who may also be interested in our products. Under Virginia law, “selling” is the exchange of your Personal Information for monetary consideration only. LS&Co. does not sell your Personal Information for money to third parties for their independent business use, for example for their own marketing and advertising purposes.

We do not “sell” or “share” Sensitive Personal Information (as defined under State Privacy Laws).

Under California law, “share” or “sharing” means sharing, renting, releasing disclosing, disseminating making available, transferring or otherwise communicating orally, in writing, or by electronic or other means, your Personal Information by us to a third party for cross-context behavioral advertising, for monetary or other valuable consideration. When we use the term “share” or “sharing” under this section, we are using it in the narrow context of how it is defined under California law. The privacy laws of the other states do not use the term “sharing,” but describe a more narrow concept as processing for targeted advertising. When we use the words “share” or “sharing” here, we mean it to include share and sharing as defined in California, as well as targeted advertising as defined under the privacy laws of the other states. You may opt out of selling or sharing activities by following the process we have established for Right to Opt Out of Sale and Right to Opt Out of Sharing/Using Your Personal Information for Targeted Advertising by clicking on Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information or by enabling an opt out preference signal for a browser or plug-in that makes it clear that such signal is meant to have the effect of opting you out of the sale and sharing of your Personal Information. Note that if we can only identify your device or browser, we will only be able to apply the request to that specific device or browser and only for cookie or pixel based selling and sharing.