Dockers® Pride Collection

Published on 09.15.2021

Love is beyond binary — and all types of love should be celebrated no matter what they look like. So we designed a special Pride collection that’s gender fluid and made for anyone.

Feel The Love

In honor of Pride, we asked our cast to share their love stories. Here’s what they had to say.

What Pronouns Do You Use And How Do You Identify?

Claude: He/him Gay male

Cody: He/him Gay male

What Does Love Mean To You?

Claude: Love means caring about someone, taking care of this person, making sure that I can do anything in my power to help them succeed or feel well — that goes for friends, family, everyone across the board.

Cody: When I think of love, I think of happiness. Because that's ultimately what everyone wants. If you're in love with someone that's what it comes down to — making each other happy.

Three Words To Describe Your Relationship.

Entertaining, strong and loving.

What Does PRIDE Mean To You?

Claude: Pride to me means being proud of something. Not afraid to express yourself. You're proud of yourself and who you are, and no one can change that about you.

Cody: Pride gives an opportunity for people to have a platform and feel like they have a voice. Sometimes it's hard to be true to yourself and really communicate that to the world. But pride is a catalyst for doing that.

DOCKERS: What Pronouns Do You Use And How Do You Identify?

Quanni: She/Her - Queer female

Nicole: She/Her - Queer female

What Does Love Mean To You?

Quanni: Love is being able to be 100% vulnerable with one another and giving all of yourself to that person.
Nicole: Love is acceptance. It’s showing your full self, someone seeing you and loving you for every part.

What’s Your Love Story? - Tell Me About Your First Date.

Quanni: We met up at a coffee shop. Then we went on a walk to the park and talked and talked and talked.

Nicole: A lot of how our relationship started was because of everything being closed, not being to go anywhere or do anything, and all we had was each other and time to get to know each other.

Who Else Supports And Provides You With Unconditional Love?

Quanni: My friends. You have to surround yourself with the energy you put out and the energy you want to receive. So all of my friends are like my family. My friends are very loving, kind, supporting and inspiring. I appreciate their support and I’m eternally grateful.

Nicole: My friends have been really supportive with me coming out and us being together in our relationship. But my family has been really supportive too.

DOCKERS: What Pronouns Do You Use And How Do You Identify?

I'm in a relationship with myself.

What Does Love Mean To You?

Love to me is not just love from the people around you but the love that I have found for myself.

I finally feel like I've gotten to a place where I don't need to constantly be validated by men or by people I want to be attracting into my life. I've just grown to love myself, and that's what love means to me.

Three Words To Describe Love.

Love is exciting, love is turbulent, and love is all around us —love is within yourself.

What Does PRIDE Mean To You?

Pride is about empowerment. It's about recognising my journey and allowing other people to see, understand and hear my story. I just wanna be able to help someone out there understand whether they are part of the community or not, what it means to be who I am — to kind of shine a light on what it means to be me and what it means to be trans, and what it means to be an immigrant. Just all these things that make me me, that is what pride is.

Are You In A Relationship?

I'm in a relationship with myself.

Who Else Supports And Provides You With Unconditional Love?

I want to say myself. For a long time, I wasn't able to provide it for myself. I just didn't feel loved at all. I do feel like friends give me unconditional love, but it's not the same

What Do You Think About Our PRIDE Collection?

I love that the collection is so comfy and also has a gender neutral vibe to it! The little bits of rainbow showing through the design is amazing and I love that it supports LGTBQ pride.

Which Is Your Favorite Piece And Why?

I really love the T-shirt! So cute and can be styled in many ways.