Shirts to Wear Under Your Sweater

Your favorite tee and a sweatshirt. Name a more iconic duo… we’ll wait. You’ll be hard-pressed to build an outfit without the essential tee. Yet, more often than not, it’s the element that gets overlooked. Lucky for you, we’re here to tell (and show) you how to style this unsung hero with any sweater in your line-up. 

We recommend investing in your undershirts, so look for ones that are made out of quality material and — this is crucial — have a thicker neckline. These small improvements will go a long way. Rejoice! The days of harsh feeling tees are over. While the world might not see the difference, you’ll definitely feel it. And that’s what matters most.

Zip It

Hoodies & Tees

It’s easy to overlook the zipped hoodie, but it’s one of the most versatile and stylish sweatshirts that you’re probably not wearing nearly enough. So why wear one? The zipped hoodie allows you to subtly show off your personality via whatever shirt graphic you may be wearing underneath. 

If graphic tees aren’t your speed you can easily pair your sweatshirt with a basic tee in a complimentary color to achieve the same effect. But wait, there’s more! Really take things up a notch by layering one of our classic zips over a crewneck in a complementary textured material.


Peaking Out

Shirts for Sweaters with Zippers

Solid alternatives to the zipped hoodie are the quarter-zip, half-zip and full-zip sweaters. They show off some of your shirt underneath while also elevating your style.

And the best part: these sweaters look even better with collared shirts, allowing you to play with different patterns and colors.


No Sweater? No Problem.

For when it’s not sweater weather, or you just want a bit of an edge — layer a jacket over. Chore coats, bombers and even denim truckers look great with a simple tee underneath. Whatever sweater you’re wearing, just make sure you’ve got a comfortable, stylish shirt underneath. Trust us — you’ll feel the difference.

Permission to Chill

Casual Shirts for Comfortable Sweaters

You know those days when you just want to lounge around and do absolutely nothing? Well do we have the pull-over hoodie for you. This sweatshirt does all the work so you don’t have to do any. With brushed-terry fabric, quality drawcord and a substantial hood, it’s peak inactive-wear. 

We recommend adding a soft, cotton tee underneath for additional comfort, and a more put-together look.


Semi-Formal, Fully Refined

Shirts to Dress Up Your Sweater

This should go without saying, but you don’t need to wear a blazer to be dressed up. Simply take your favorite cardigan, shawl or crewneck sweater out of the closet and layer it over a patterned button-up to instantly elevate any look. No button-up, or just need something new and fresh? We’ve got you covered. If you thought we had a lot of khakis and chinos, wait till you see our range of button-ups.

Opt for a style with a hint of stretch so you don’t feel constricted reaching across a charcuterie board. Or if you’re wearing wool, we recommend an organic cotton shirt for a softer feel.