The Dockers® Guide to Outerwear

For time immemorial, we’ve been throwing on outer layers to protect us from the elements. Sure, we might’ve moved on from handmade pelts and scratchy wool greatcoats, but the fact remains: a lot can happen as the seasons change, night falls and our surroundings shift.

That’s why we make a wide range of men’s outerwear designed to take you from point A to B in style. These essential layers will complete your ‘fit, and we’re here to tell you all about them.

Coats vs. Jackets

At Dockers®, we get a lot of questions about the difference between coats and jackets. Simply put, coats tend to be heavier and longer, whereas jackets are lighter weight and hit at the hip. 

While it’s tempting to stick to either a jacket or a coat, we recommend having both so you’re ready for anything in a pinch — and thankfully, we’ve got coats and jackets for everyone. So without further ado: here’s some of our favorite Dockers® outerwear.

Cool-Day Essential: the Coat

Depending on where you live, things can get pretty windy and cold, and you may need some protection from the elements. That’s where coats come in.

Lightweight Layering: the Jacket

We thoughtfully design each and every one of our jackets to give you that feeling of being comfortable, protected and stylish — all without feeling restricting or bulky. The hard part is actually choosing one. But we can help with that.

If you’re looking for the consummate grab-and-go, everyday jacket, nothing’s more versatile than our denim Trucker Jacket. We put a more sustainable spin on it by crafting it from organic cotton and finishing it with our industry-leading Water<Less® techniques. Complete with traditional pockets and metal buttons, it’s our take on the style you know and love.

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Staples That Do It All

Thanks to quality construction and unbeatable comfort, our outerwear stands the test of time — rain or shine, winter or spring, casual or formal. Now that you know the ins and outs, it’s time to pick your fave.

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