Sustaining Vintage: One Stitch at a Time

There’s never been more conversation around upcycling — the practice of of taking something no longer in use and giving it a second life. Not only have we done that with our latest drop of vintage Dockers®, we’ve made these pieces more beautiful, unique and valuable than before. Key to this round of upcycling is the way these clothes have been mended.

There are a ton of mending techniques that can be used to upcycle; in this drop we were inspired by ‘30s and ‘40s mending techniques that showcase the beauty of visible repairs and customization.
First, like always, we collected these vintage and pre-loved Dockers® khakis from around the globe, and then we customized each by hand with our small team of artisans in Los Angeles. The result? One-of-a-kind garments guaranteed to be forever unique to you. 

Layer for Strength

Sometimes the fabric on a pre-loved pair of khakis or sweatshirt has fabric that’s worn thin or developed superficial blemishes. When we know we need to mend something, we start by adding a layer for reinforcement. Think of it as a garment’s support beam, ensuring that any patches and stitching start on a solid foundation.

Stitch for Security

How do we attach extra reinforcement layers? We use a fine machine stitch: the most secure way of binding two fabrics together.

Patch for Character

We love the way a unique patch adds character to a garment. If you can see a patch, embrace it — it’s intentionally decorative and adds even more strength to the area. 

Whip Stitch for Authenticity

We didn’t just use any stitch when we repaired our Docker® Vintage pieces; we used a whip stitch — which passes diagonally over an edge — to emulate the early 20th century home repairs commonly used to finish seams and edges on everything from clothes to furniture.

As far as we’re concerned the customization of these vintage, one-of-a-kind garments only starts here. As you live in them, you’ll add your own repairs to the mix, making them more and more unique each time. And therein lies the beauty of upcycling.

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