What to Wear with Khakis

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Khakis go with everything. Is our opinion biased? Yes. Do we speak the truth? Also yes. 

You can wear just about anything with khakis, and — total honesty — that can be daunting. So we created this easy guide to wearing the pants we’re known for. And because we’ve been in the business since 1986, you can bet we know a thing or two about how to style them.

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What Tops Should I Wear with Khakis?

Because they hit that sweet spot between casual and formal, you can wear a pair of well-fitting khakis with pretty much any top: a blazer, a denim jacket, your college hoodie and even an old band tee. 


A khaki look can be as simple as a cropped pair with a tee and a sweatshirt. Or if you live in a place with microclimates like we do — we’re looking at you, San Francisco — sub in a hoodie and layer on a Trucker Jacket, shirt jacket or wool blend top coat. For date night or an interview, we recommend styling your khakis with a button-down shirt and a sweater. 


TL;DR: Khakis are foolproof.

… To Toe
What Shoes Should I Wear with Khakis?

Name a shoe. Chances are it goes with our iconic pants. Khakis and sneakers: always. Khakis and lace-up leather shoes: a classic pairing that’s stood the test of time. Khakis and boots: absolutely.

— And Everything in Between

What Accessories Should I Wear with Khakis?

A belt does so much more than hold your pants up. It’s what distinguishes a shirt and pants from a whole look. Dress your khakis up with a leather belt or opt for a webbed belt if you’re going for a more low-key vibe.

What Colors Should I Wear with Khaki Pants?

According to our Head Stylist, Jackie Groffman, neutrals are always a good way to go. Think: black, white, cream, gray, navy and earthy green. That said, we’ve never met a khaki look we didn’t like, so feel free to reach for any color. Just trust your gut and have fun with it. 


When it comes to khakis, the only rule is there are no rules.